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Enterprise Grade Blockchain Technology

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At HydraLab, we believe that technology can be a catalyst for optimizing your current business operations. The different approaches using peer-to-peer networking can greatly help grow your business in terms of processing time, security and profitability. To enable this evolution of your processes, a private blockchain network will prove to be essential. Since the Internet has allowed entities to be closer together, the blockchain will add trust / security among such entities. It will change the way we interact, transact, record and share.

For over a year, HydraLab has been working with FintechLab, an observatory that focuses on the impact of new financial technology, to analyze and define real business needs related to blockchain technology.

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Technology & Services

To meet the needs of business, the HydraLab team has developed the Hydra Network™, a private network. This enterprise-grade network for business together with the complementary tools developed by the firm forms a framework that expands the range of opportunities for the use of blockchain technology. The HydraLab team has also set up the Hydra console, our predictive data console that acts as the eyes of the network.

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Deployment & Uses Cases

The HydraLab preset blockchain templates and its configurable consensus-as-a-service offer make possible the development of a large range of solutions. Whether it’s for a voting platform, traceability in a supply chain, or the conception of a distributed application, our approach with Vagrant, a lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environment, provides an easy to deploy cross-platform blockchain infrastructure.

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The blockchain technology stack for your business.


The HydraLab strong authentication procedures and permissions-based approach allow rules to be established based on the various roles of the entities.


Hydra Network™ can be customized to interact, transact, record and share, with the participants of your choice.


Hydra console allows learning from interactions with participants, in addition to the visualization of the relevant metrics according to the elements contained on the ledger.


HydraLab provides the key elements for the realization of your project as well as the expertise and support needed to ensure its success.

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Proud member of the Blockchain Accelerator
Powered by FintechLab

The Blockchain Accelerator is a catalyst for HydraLab. The team of nearly 20 Ph.D. experts supports the development and strategy of HydraLab.

For over a year, the two teams have been exploring the real needs of companies wanting to use blockchain technology. In addition, the Blockchain Accelerator provides outstanding university students with mentoring and an array of targeted resources and services.

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