About Us

HydraLab, a blockchain technology company

HydraLab, a blockchain technology company that delivers groundbreaking distributed solutions, gives organizations the potential to optimize the way they interact, transact, record and share. HydraLab is a proud Canadian Tech Company based in Québec City.

For more than a year now, the team has been working with FintechLab, an observatory that focuses on the impact of new financial technology to analyze and define real business needs related to blockchain technology.

The main needs identified in companies are as follows: to maintain control over the functionalities of the network, to have a permissioned ledger, to have access to a range of metrics concerning the use of the network, to be able to easily transfer information from the application layer to the blockchain network, to have the ability to categorize information, and to be able to encrypt different types of large data in the network without the need of a token.

To meet these needs, the HydraLab team has developed the Hydra Network™, a private data-driven network. This private network for business, including the complementary tools developed by the firm, forms a framework that expands the range of opportunities for use of blockchain technology. In addition, our approach with Vagrant, a lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environment, provides an easy to deploy cross-platform blockchain infrastructure.

HydraLab brings upfront

  • A private data-driven distributed ledger.
  • A predictive data-console with relevant metrics.
  • A smooth implementation using vagrant.
  • A configurable permission-based consensus.
  • A best-in-class enterprise-grade blockchain, the Hydra Network™.