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Enterprise-grade scalable blockchain

We are aware that your business projects depend on different types of consensus. The HydraLab team has developed an approach that allows you to choose the right consensus and thus provide flexibility in your development process. In addition, we have integrated into our environment the protocol IPFS, Interplanetary File System, to optimize the exchange of large content while maintaining a very high level of performance. These two important features open up many possibilities for using blockchain technology.

Predictive data console

HydraLab has set up a dashboard that acts as the network's eye. It allows managers to learn from interactions and visualize indicators related to the elements contained in the register. In the console, we also provide access to the various tools developed specifically for businesses: a registry explorer, access rules manager, a monitoring interface, an analytical dashboard, and more.

Configurable consensus based on permission levels

Traditional infrastructure allows companies to control different levels of access. This same concept is essential with a decentralized technology, either to limit the visualization of a certain part of the system or to limit the solution itself. That's why HydraLab has worked hard to provide the ability to customize the different access rules based on the solution developed.

Revolutionary distributed solutions for your project

The sectors in which private blockchains will be relevant will explode. Medium and large companies will want to keep control over their features and will also want to work with a solution that meets their needs.

The Hydra Network™ is not a one-sauce blockchain: HydraLab sees it as a framework for enterprise blockchain solutions.


Our approach with Vagrant, a lightweight, replicable and portable development environment, provides an easy-to-deploy blockchain infrastructure. In fact, Vagrant offers the same simple workflow, regardless of your role as developer, integrator, or IT manager.

It uses a predefined declarative configuration file that describes all of your software requirements, packages, blockchain network configuration, authorization rules, and more. In addition, Vagrant is independent of the operating system and therefore works on Mac, Linux and Windows. In other words, do not worry, we make blockchain technology easier for you.

Use case

Here is a list of potential business areas to use the Hydra Network ™.

Fintech applications

  • Smart insurance
  • Financial transaction register
  • Interactions of connected objects
  • Wallet and socio-financing

Voting system

  • Government voting system
  • Business voting system
  • Public interaction
  • Proof of existence

Registration system

  • Smart signature registry
  • Registration of laws
  • Real estate register
  • Supply Chain
  • Virtual passport and proof of license

Distributed private cloud

  • Data sharing management
  • Access management
  • Distributed intranet
  • High security data storage

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