Collaborative research project, Supply chain


This collaborative research project aims to identify the level of symbiosis required between the development of a blockchain technology, companies in the field of the Internet of Things and those in the field of machine learning. Preliminarily, we have observed that it is difficult to obtain a perfect scenario where the market is favorable. Also, it must be possible to standardize the data elements as well as the importance of the level of traceability required. What are the best practices for introducing this type of solution?

Blockchain technology can be integrated at several points in the supply chain.

Stage of this project

We are currently working with companies to analyze and develop proof of concept. A preliminary analysis is now available. It provides key information for any company wishing to integrate a blockchain traceability solution.

HydraLab is a point of collaboration between different types of companies to better understand the real needs. Since the beginning of the project, we have done a lot of adjustment to different technologies. For example, we innovated at the level of parent-child relationships, at the level of writing and reading rules and at the level of traceability standards. This collaboration is still open to interested companies.

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