Uses Cases

Groundbreaking distributed solutions for your project

The sectors where private blockchain will be relevant will explode. The medium and large companies will want to maintain control over the functionalities and will also want to work with a solution that meets their needs.

The Hydra Network™ is not a one-sauce blockchain: HydraLab sees it as a framework for enterprise blockchain solutions.

Uses Cases

Here is a list of potential sectors of activity that would be prone to use our solutions.

Fintech applications

  • Insurance mobile application
  • Traceability of financial transactions
  • Internet of things data recording
  • Crowdfunding & charity wallet

Voting system

  • Government voting system
  • Business voting system
  • Public interaction
  • Mobile voting system

Record system

  • Smart contracts
  • Laws registration
  • Real estate leasing market
  • Product tracking
  • Virtual passport & license management

Distributed private cloud

  • Data sharing management
  • Access management
  • Distributed intranet
  • High security data storage

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There are many possibilities of uses cases actually identified where a peer-to-peer network could optimize the processes. In the coming years, new opportunities will spring from everywhere as the use of blockchain technology leverages a vast ecosystem of opportunity.

Our approach with Vagrant, a lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environment, provides an easy to deploy cross-platform blockchain infrastructure. In addition, Vagrant gives the same, easy workflow regardless of your role as a developer, integrator, or IT manager. It leverages a preset declarative configuration file which describes all your software requirements, packages, blockchain network configuration, permission rules, and more. Plus, Vagrant is OS-agnostic and therefore works on Mac, Linux and Windows. In other words, don’t worry, we make the blockchain technology easy for you.